XP Trading Making a Difference in Laos

Ms Vay Phoutavong, President
Mr. Kirby Rogers Part Owner
Mr. View Phoutavong Part Owner

Linda Richards

XP Trading, Today and in the Future For a Better Laos


Since 2008 XP Trading has been building an Ag related business linked together to meet this goal. We are a company with a proven track record in the business world, but also a heart for the rural people of Laos. XP Trading is aligning many different agencies, to achieve the “Unified Goal” of an Economically Stronger, Nutritionally Healthier, Foreign Aid Independent Laos.

Showing Lao farmers  how to feed their families, make better incomes,  keep their kids healthy and in school. Together lets help Laos be the best it can be. XP Trading’s fully linked plan is impacting the poor villages of Laos.  It is already in the process of producing a full farm to market chain.

1. XP Harvest Center’s are a very important part in reaching into the lives of the people of rural Laos.  HC is what brings corn drying and storage ability to the village level. This begins the process of changing lives.
2. XP Pork is a large swine operation. This facility is producing many feeder pigs that are sold to the villages. This allows  villages to start their  own small pig farms to produce greater income. 
3. XP Aquatic is an aquaculture centre  We  raise fingerlings that can either be fed out to eat or sold to villages.
4. XP Mill is a fully functional drying center and complete animal feed meal facility. We both buy corn/maize to be dried and supply feed necessary to properly raise the pigs, fish, and chickens.
5. XP Cattle is making changes to the quality of beef in Laos.

6. XP Slaughterhouse is an important link in this powerful chain. We have also added XP Cut meat processing plant. Farmers have a ready market here in Laos for their Laos grown produce. It also gives XP the ability to supply the needed meat to  alleviate the nutritional and hunger needs of the people of Laos.

 We feel all of these steps  can make Laos the great country the Lao PDR strives for.

XP Trading Lao-Chine, Ltd.

#133/04 Samsenthai Rd., Xieng Yueun Village,
Chanthabuly Dist., Vientiane, Capital Laos
Off 856-21-217425 Fax 856-21-213680
Email: xp@xptrading.net, rdunn@xptrading.net

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