XP Animal Feed

Quality feed, or the lack there of, is one of the most common reasons stated for Laos inability to feed itself. Lao farmers just don’t have the resources to produce a quality animal feed. This effects most all animal groups, including fish, pigs, cattle, chickens layers and broilers, that effects egg production, goats, frogs, and the rest . Untitled-22The feed that is available in Laos is almost exclusively brought in from Thailand. This means much needed Lao money leaves the country. XP Feed will use Lao corn and Lao soybeans processed in a Lao Mill for the Lao people. We will not only produce quality feed we will do our best to get training material into Lao farmers hands to help know how to properly feed and care for these animals. As you can see XP Feed is another natural progression in the economic development chain that is XP Trading.