XP Pork


XP Pork as many divisions has multiple focuses. We are first and foremost a quality pig producer. We have a great facility that currently houses  360 sows, 20 boars and produce from 1300 to 1800 piglets a month. Many are fed  out for a couple of months and the sold to area farmers and producers. Others are raised to finishing weight and sent to Lao Fresh Meats for processing.

After we finished our other 3 buildings at our Ban Boua farm our numbers rapidly increased. At this point we are internally producing pigs for slaughter.  Our last and most important role is for the rural Lao farmers. Our goal is to continue to get weaned piglets, ready to feed, out into their hands.  If they want we can also supply them with quality feed to produce the best full grown pigs. Our hope is in time to buy them back to be slaughtered at XP slaughterhouse. Then replenish their stock and do this again showing them how to be self sufficient and improving their income and way of life.