XP Feed Mill

A dream of hope became a vision for the future, which then became a plan for a better tomorrow. 4harvest Today that dream has become reality, it is XP Mill. Yes, it started in an empty field and with a vision and hope added to generosity from people with a hearts for the hurting we now have tomorrow’s future today. But there’s so much more that needs to be done, so many more lives that need to be touched.2015-01-07 13.57.46 We are helping farmers keep kids in school and help relieve the malnutrition in their families. By employing Laotians and teaching them a trade, we are affecting both the rural and city life. XP Mill is bringing dignity instead of despair, self-respect instead of shame, and hope where none existed before. As XP Mill shines the light of hope, it’s helping the Sun to rise over Laos; driving the shadow of poverty away in it’s path. IMG_3682 XP Mill is making the hope of brighter future happen in Laos today. In 2010 we started building a dream of a $2,000,000 plus facility, we finished it for less than $700,000. XP Trading, a Lao company, is building a complete network of Ag related companies. XP Mill is the cornerstone we’re building on. We are already affecting the lives of thousands of Lao farmers.